The mission behind The Community Hizuk Network

Nurture the Mind. Feed the Soul.
Strengthen the Jewish World.

Our Story

Community Hizuk Studios first launched in March of 2020 amidst a global pandemic. With families confined to their homes, and with very little social interaction, many found themselves yearning to feel connected.

An out birth of that time was a constant flow of information, largely negative, entering into community homes via social media platforms and the like.

Founded by Rabbi David M. Haber, CHS sought to combat that information flow- and negative energy- by supplanting it with Torah based content.

Thousands of people tune into a variety of presentations each week to infuse their heart and their minds with rich, healthy, Torah centric content.

The results of CHS mission have been staggering. Families have greatly diminished their reliance on platforms with limited depth and have chosen a path of fulfillment, enrichment and healthy entertainment.

With some of the finest and most prolific presenters the Torah world has to offer, CHS curates high quality content for everyone. No matter your background, age or level of observance- CHS has something for you.